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Quaker Gun

The start, Abe and I went to grade school together and once played on a basketball team. I met Andy through Abe, as Abe loved Andy's querky humor, and the fact that he played guitar. Abe had been playing drums with little direction, although high in skill because of high school band he was not playing in a band outside of school. I had been playing bass since 8th grade and met Abe later in life through mutual friends and we began to jam. One day Andy came over and we all played together and enjoyed it. Andy always has material and he wanted to start a band, and so we did down the road. We then recruted a friend from anothers band to play lead. Jake was up to the task. Now we play with ambition and drive to write the best music we can. Now that we are playing shows and if you haven't heard our name, come and see us you will be suprised!

We have some new tracks up on the Music Page, check them out!


We are in process of setting up recording time in an east vancouver estate.  Lucky us it is cheap and sounds AMAZING!  We will be recording for the next few months, working to produce the best quality print of our first album.  The new songs will include; Big Mistake, Lovers and Fighters, Study of Something, Fairy Tales, Lady Luck, Darkside of the Moon, The Fall Song, and a few new suprises that I know you can't wait to hear!


What's New?

We are starting to set up shows for Jan, Feb, Mar.  If you would like to play a show with us, or know someone that would, contact us.  Once we have our new CD finished we will be playing shows constantly, so keep your eyes open.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to our site.