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Quaker Gun

Band Bio

Andy 21 - The oldest one in the band, lock stock and ready to go with his ever writing mind, pumping out song after song of great pop/rock worship. A great guitarist, although with some limitations, plays his instrument like it was a "cat", 80's screeching solos and a whole lot a straight rockin'.

Jake 18 - An addition with some of the most talent. Jake is responsible for all the goofy riffs and bad ass solos that take your breath away. His body may not move much on stage, but look closer, and you will be amazed.



Abe 18 - A youngin' to some standards, Abe has known Andy the longest, and help the band form. As a drummer, they can either get a lot of respect, or none at all. Abe is a drummer that demands sucsess and applause from all sorts. In many songs he plays simple, but as in "Coolest Thing," he comes out of his shell and plays the beat that moves you inside and out.

Matt 19 - Bass, is there anything less boring to play. Not when Matt plays, listen to the simple line that dramaticly changes to be EXTREMELY INSANE, in a matter on milliseconds. You can tell the playing in "Dark Side Of The Moon." Watch for his fingers and the low end that is thrown at you during the turning point in your life.
If you are interesed in playing a show with us or would like us to play at a party you are having contact us. We will let you know if we are avalible.
Engine down, Tom Petty, Wilco, Queen, The Roots, Saves The Day, Pink Floyd, Yes, Third Eye Blind, Weezer
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